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About Robert Lane (LaneRegulators.com)

Robert Lane is an Engineering Product Designer who started shooting airguns in his early teens. Building his first rifle up from the remnants of a .22 BSA Challenger at school aged 16! - Unfortunately something that would not be allowed in the school engineering department today.

However at this point day to day he was more interested in professional cycle racing, until sadly he had an accident at the age of 20. Upon having to give up two wheels, he took to shooting more seriously and not long after giving up bike riding, he built his first PCP air rifle - the ‘Awesome 18 shot fast fire Alien’.

In the 27 years since, he has designed and manufactured approximately 70+ airguns, pistols and pellet rifles as truly one-off special commissions. However he has also designed and manufactured components through to complete air rifles for a number of well known airgun companies.

After repeatedly receiving requests and inquiries for his airgun regulators, he now supplies them as his hobby after work, and they can be purchased as self fit, DIY (do it yourself) installation.

You can view various airgun related works carried out by Robert, please visit the Airgun Development website for further details.