Air Arms AB (Anti-bounce) Hammer Kit

Air Arms AB (Anti-bounce) Hammer Kit

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Air Arms AB (Anti-bounce) Hammer Kit - by Lane 

To fit Air Arms branded airguns - see below description for available models and order form for stock status details.

Product summary

Originally designed by Peter Nicholson and then updated and produced by Robert Lane, the AB (Anti-bouce) hammer kits "available for selected Air Arms branded airguns" were created as a means to reduce repeated bounce strikes against the outlet valve upon firing. Diminishing the amount of times the outlet valve opens letting air out of the system and so creating greater efficiency. Used to its best advantage in a gun that has an air regulator installed.

The main benefits obtained by installing this item are as follows:

  1. Reduced strikes against the outlet valve with every firing cycle, reduces wasted air upon each and every shot fired
  2. Materials selected offer the component further levels of noise reduction upon firing, making the system quieter as a whole

Technical details

Many Air Arms air rifles already fitted with regulators may have had their hammer mechanism altered by the original regulator installer (i.e. could have been lathed down, sides ground away etc), over the years we have come across various second hand Air Arms airguns which have been fitted with either home made hammers or have been found to be running on a hammer more commonly used in a different variety of Air Arms airgun.

Before purchasing, please check your existing hammer assembly for two things:

  1. Does your current hammer have a 4.00mm screw attached to the top surface YES / NO?
  2. What is the
    • Outer diameter of the hammer spring guide (See section A in graph below)
    • Measurement is close +1mm (See section B in graph below)
    • On TDR Models - how long is your central hammer guide rod 120mm or 127mm?

Once you have confirmed the information above in reference to the graph below, please define your selection 1-6 in the order form's "Air Arms hammer model" details box, and for TDR models send us a mail shot with the hammer guide rod details.

Package contents

Sold as a DIY (install it yourself) kit, this item ships with the following:

  1. Anti-bounce unit
  2. Full seal kit
  3. Link to web instruction manuals

Before purchase please note

  1. This product is primarily for Air Arms PCP’s fitted with air pressure regulators, such as those by Lane Regulators, BTAS, Tenchi (Tweaky), Huma, Altaros, Audrius, BTAS etc
  2. This product is for those with a very good working knowledge of the Air Arms PCP airgun in question
  3. This product is for those with a very good knowledge of machinery, fitting and those who can tune PCP’s as this item Is NOT a simple straight fit in (Plug & Play) product but requires tuning in to work. As with regulators themselves, this takes time, effort and patience

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