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Hints & Tips on Installing

Note: Lane Regulators can only be fitted to PCP's that are front fill or have been modified to enable them to be filled / topped up from the front of the air reservoir i.e. Muzzle End.

Below you will find a selection of videos to help aid your installation and to also help answer further questions during the install process. For regular updates make sure you subscribe to the Lane Regulator YouTube Channel.


  1. Measuring I.D. Ready For Fitting A Regulator.

  2. Clean Your Reservoir / Tank Before Fitting.

  3. How to measure your Outlet Chamber Volume.

  4. Outlet Valve Stand Off's.

  5. Drilling The Breath Hole.

  6. Transfer Port Size Adjustment Series (Video Series 1-4),

    1. Transfer Port Size Adjustment Part 1.

    2. Transfer Port Size Adjustment Part 2.

    3. Transfer Port Size Adjustment Part 3.

    4. Transfer Port Size Adjustment Part 4.

  7. Inserting the Regulator.

  8. Removal Of The Regulator.

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