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Our Lancet Mk7 & MK8 Regulator Updates

Note: Lane Regulators can only be fitted to PCP's that are front fill or have been modified to enable them to be filled / topped up from the front of the air reservoir i.e. Muzzle End.

The ‘Lancet’ (Surgeons Knife) MK8 regulator is our most accurate and smallest production regulator to date (2016), encompasses a number of small changes in design, manufacturing and tolerances from the MK7 to bring you an overall better product. Updates are brought about by a number of things such as customer purchasing preferences, customer requests, suggestion and things that we note ourselves through the production of 100-1000’s of units which would never be noted by you the customer.

Updates from the Mk6 to the MK7-Mk8 why we have made them

The ‘Lancet’ varies from our previous model the MK6a in a number of ways:

  1. Large Piston Head
  2. Curved Air Exit
  3. Smaller Diameter Piston Stem
  4. Viton Seals (NOT RUBBER)


We noted from sales records that most customers purchase regulators that are set between 80bar and 135bar. The MK6 could be set upto 160bar but we only had four 160bar customers in a year. Customers say pressure drop accuracy is more important than a high pressure setting and so by making the Piston Head OD Larger and the Piston Stem OD Smaller the aspect Ratio of the ‘Large Surface’ = Piston Head to ‘Small Surface’ = Knife Edge Face is larger and so the regulator is more accurate.

High pressure fast flowing air is best flowed around curves if possible, as opposed to square edges and so the Curved Air Exit from the piston is to reduce air searing and turbulence as it passes through the regulator and so it locks back microscopically quicker. This change is virtually un-noticeable even to us, but it is best practice and so we have applied it.

Both the Piston Head & Piston Stem seal are Viton as they move back and fourth, and Viton is a harder wearing material than Rubber. However the Case Seals remain softer Rubber for sealing to the reservoir as they are static. As sales of regulators have grown stock bought has increased and so Viton O-Rings a more expensive item in small quantities can now be purchased at the same cost as their Rubber cousins and so we can fit these as best practise without increasing product cost.

  1. Higher & Lower Pressure Settings for odd projects

  2. The ‘Lancet’ can be supplied with:
    a: Spring 30bar - 150bar settings. 90+% of people use 90-125bar setting.
    b: Belleville Stack 150bar - 200bar. In 2014 only 4 customers in 1000’s sales had 150-170bar settings, but for those with special project you can have up to 200bar with the Belleville option.

  1. Improved Pressure Adjuster Screw

  2. The Pressure Adjuster Screw (PAS) now has two Delrin Beads set into it to make adjustment smoother. The soft seal face is slightly softer and crimped in place by a new jig we have manufactured to give more consistent manufacture. The Mk7 had a M4 Thread for front regulator extraction. These changes were brought about through experimenting to produce a better product. Then the Mk8 has had the loop built into the (PAS) as some customers forgot to fit it upon installation. So the Mk8 Pressure Adjuster Screw is a combination of No6 & No7 shown right and below.

  1. Rear Extractor Loop comes as standard with all kits

    The PAS now has a M4 (4mm) thread in the Rear Face and a Extractor Loop comes with each regulator as standard. We used to manufacture regulators with rear loops to order, just for a few guns like the BAM, Daystate, Brocock, however some customers have found that they cannot easily remove their reservoir Valve Assembly and so a regulator that would normally be installed via the rear of the air reservoir has to be modified to be fitted and extracted from the front of the reservoir. There fore with greater production quantities we found that it was more cost effective for us and better for you the customer if all regulators come with a Rear Extractor Loop as a standard part in the kit.

  1. Smaller Body Case Overall - The Mk8 is smaller still.

    The MK8 ‘Lancet’s’ body case is 1.50mm smaller all over length than the MK7 and the MK7 was 3mm shorter than the Mk6. This give more air space. This came about through design alterations and pressure testing.

  1. Stainless Steel C-Clip instead of Spring Carbon Steel Steel

    A number of customers in ASIA where it is hot and humid explained to us, that it is common to use stirrup pumps to fill their air guns and they have mentioned that they have issues with their PCP’s rusting inside. So bearing this in mind we have swapped the Spring Carbon Steel Cir-clip in-front of the piston for a Marine Stainless Clip so as the regulator stays like new over many years of use.

  1. 8 X Graduations upon rear case edge for help with adjustment

    These graduations make it easier for both you the customer and our selves to mark and adjust if required. Plus it is much nicer than hand stamping. One (1) Turn of the adjuster screw Anti Clockwise = +40bar / One (1) Turn Clockwise = -40bar so each Graduation is about 5bar.

  1. Slightly longer nose on the Body case for easier alignment of the Outlet Valve Stand

    Off Spacer. This also means the Body Case can be slightly smaller.

  1. Slight thinner grade of Silicone Grease

    Moves around more easily on the parts inside the case, but still thick enough not to run out of the breath hole freely.