SMK Mk9 Lancet Regulator Kit (PCP - Internal Installation)

SMK Mk9 Lancet Regulator Kit (PCP - Internal Installation)

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SMK Mk9 Lancet Regulator Kit (Internal Installation) - by Lane 

To fit SMK branded airguns - see order form for available models / stock status details.

Product summary

With over 20 years of customer feedback, Mr Lane has continued delivering improvements to the design and manufacturing process of his precision airgun regulators. His latest and greatest offering being the Lancet Mk9 - it's the absolute pinnacle of fine tuning!

World-renowned, Lane regulators are manufactured and assembled here in the United Kingdom to which each and every item (where applicable) is tuned and thoroughly tested moments prior to shipping, making certain that each customer is satisfied with their purchase.

Those who are new to airgun tuning: This item really is for big-time shooting enthusiasts who require the very best performance from their PCP airgun set-up.
Most typically our regulators are utilised by competitive target shooters aswell as serious airgun game hunters, though installing a regulator can likewise be a great addition for those who simply prefer a bit of backyard target practice. So whatever your circumstance, our range of regulators can definitely help you get the most out of your airgun's potential regardless of your specific shooting application/s.

The main benefits that can be obtained from installing our Mk9 regulator are as follows:

  1. Flattening out of the distinctive power curve or drop to a near straight line
  2. Increased shot-to-shot consistency which greatly aids in improved and repeatable precision down range (most favoured by FT / competitive target shooters)
  3. Reduced noise or "bark" at the muzzle due to an efficient use of air making for increased stealth at all ranges (particularly useful when hunting large groups of game that are easily spooked by muzzle blast)
  4. On many medium power airguns (12 ft/lb - 16 joule) more time shooting / having fun and less time refilling your airgun between the "sweet spot"

Technical details

The regulator's output pressure is pre-tuned to the specifications you supply us with during the ordering process. Once set, we thoroughly test the regulator moments prior to shipping for reset speed and leaks so customers can rest assure that each and every order is inspected and confirmed to be fully functional and leak free before dispatch.

Our Mk9 Lancet model has many refinements that achieve the absolute best results, these in-turn are a step up from all previous generation Lane regulators (see the comparisons made to its predecessor, the Mk8 below).

Improvements since the Mk8 (2017):

  1. Smaller regulator overall by on average 3.5mm in length
  2. Shorter body case
  3. Shorter piston
  4. Shorter pressure adjuster screw
  5. Improved pressure adjuster screw by having the rear extractor loop built in
  6. Knife edge shut off face shape altered slightly
  7. Piston spring guide slightly tapered to reduce any friction plus an annular groove was added to the piston face so as to make removing the cir-clip easier for servicing
  8. Piston spring guide slightly tapered to reduce any friction
  9. Many models now feature a built in outlet valve standoff spacer
  10. Models with outlet valve standoff are now easier to install due to longer nose on the regulator body
  11. Overall parts manufactured to a tighter tolerance

Remember, all of our Mk9 regulators can be used in both FAC (high power) and non FAC (low power) rated PCP airguns as the working regulator pressure can be fully adjusted.

All of our regulators use a specialised high rate spring which suit 99% of airgun setups (20-155 bar), however we can provide belleville washers as a special request for customers that specify this with their order (as a note during checkout). Belleville washers are otherwise automatically shipped for orders that require a working pressure highers than 155 bar.

Package contents

This is dependent upon the details supplied during the ordering process (make, model, caliber and power of airgun).

Sold as a DIY (install it yourself) regulator kit, this item ships with the following:

  1. Regulator
  2. Standoff
  3. Spare o-ring seals kit
  4. Lubricant
  5. Link to web instruction manuals
    ---and if required for your project---
  6. Drill bits
  7. Outlet valve springs
  8. Packers

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