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Scope Bubble Level (3D Printed)

In precision shooting, there are many factors that affect the ability of a shooter to hit a target with accuracy. One of these factors is cant error. Cant error is the result of not holding the rifle bore axis and the scope axis in a vertical plane.

Tilting an airgun will effect the point of impact at the target either to the left of right, something that is magnified the greater the distance to the target.


Installed with a 3mm Allen key (not included), users can tighten the two Allen bolts (provided) to secure the bubble level onto their airgun's scope. By avoiding low quality and poorly finished bubble levels, users can avoid damaging or scratching their expensive scopes / optics. Some more benefits to installing this item include:

  • Improve accuracy at distance
  • Eliminates the risk of scope tube crimp
  • Avoid damaging / scratching your expensive rifle scope / optics
  • 3D Printed in premium PETG filament, strong and resistant to Ultra Violet light
  • Ideal for left and right handed shooters
  • Suitable for PCP and spring powered airguns

Package contents

  • 1X Bubble level
  • 2X Screws

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