I have been increasingly finding that folks seem to think you HAVE to drill a breathe hole, that is correct on about 15-20% of airgun models available these days. In most cases, simple installation can be made by removing the reservoir end seal (so as to let the regulator breathe). Some makes, models and powers of airgun must have a breathe hole as it is not always possible to design or manufacture a regulator without the need to have a hole drilled (this goes for any type of regulator brand or model).

Any regulator kits we sell for airguns that DO require a breathe hole to be drilled, come with additional package contents such as drill bits to help aid you in installation. As long as you follow the product manual, drilling a breathe hole is a simple task to undertake. For those still struggling, we provide friendly customer support over the phone or by email.

The video to accompany this article is by Robert Lane. He covers all the details on everything you need to know in the event that you DO need to drill a breathe hole to successfully install any type of airgun regulator.