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Greetings fellow airgun enthusiasts! My name is Robert Lane, and I'm the founder of Lane Regulators. For over three decades, I've been designing and manufacturing airguns and components, and my passion for this craft only continues to grow. Through this blog, I want to share my knowledge and expertise with you all. From fitting hints and tips to gear recommendations and shooting techniques, my goal is to help you achieve shooting success. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and I hope you find our blog helpful and informative.

Get into the details of airgun regulator performance and design with our expert Robert Lane. As a leading name in precision airgun regulator technology, Lane shares his extensive knowledge and experience through our 'In-Depth Information' category. Explore the ins and outs of regulator function, troubleshooting, and maintenance to optimise your airgun's performance. Stay ahead of the competition with the latest insights and discoveries from one of the industry's top experts.


Robert Lane 15 Mar 0 37483
Join Robert Lane as he delves into the world of airgun regulators – what they are, how they work and why they're essential for your shooting success. Our range of pr..
Robert Lane 17 Apr 0 4629
  Ladies and gentleman, maybe a spring doesn't look sexy, slim and sleek like the French sounding "Belleville" but the "spring" is the number one solution..
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