Please take note before you purchase

Customer / user agreement:

"Upon purchase of my regulator kit, I the customer can confirm that I have read the detailed What is, and why fit a regulator? guide and acknowledge my full understanding of what an air regulator is, what it does and its principles of operation".

Lane Regulators and other associated products are aimed at and for the gunsmith / airgun professional / serious enthusiast whom has both Machinery & Fitting Knowledge as well as practical experience of problem solving, in particularly air leaks (All items are tested prior to dispatch) whom ideally has their own or access to tools and workshop facilities.

We do not know / judge you or your third parties skill set or the facilities available to you / them. This is yours decision to take.

This is as models of airgun vary slightly from country to country across the globe, and in some instances batch to batch. You the customer must understand that a degree of alteration may be required to either or both the Regulator / Product / Airgun to both fit and get the best out of what you have purchased.

Example: The magic of having a regulator operating in your airgun only happens when 1: It is Installed Correctly. 2: The Outlet Valve / Hammer assembly is re-balanced correctly. This is no mean feet, especially for 10-15 ft/lb air rifles and if you are not mechanically minded or a patience, precise worker, setting about fitting a regulator may not be the project for you. We would advise you seek a professional gunsmith to help you reach your goal of a consistently regulated airgun.

To both fit and tune in a regulator setup correctly is often a complex and timely process. This normally takes us 1.5 / 2.0 working days, 1+ Tin's of Pellets and I great deal of Compressed Air. Charging £150-400. depending upon the make and model. So like in the Article 'What Is A Regulator' please don't think that purchasing a regulator is an easy fix for many woes.

Lane Regulators have been manufactured for 23+ years and are are sold on a -  self fit,  self service,  self maintain basis - As the greatest % of sales are overseas all regulators are tested prior to dispatch for leaks and set working pressure. All the manuals for pressure adjustment, stripping down, servicing and general maintenance are available as PDF Downloads upon the manuals page.

Lane Regulators are both sturdy and robust in design and will last a lifetime if looked after carefully. They are designed to be simple to service and maintain consisting of only three parts, of which two are working parts and only one moving part which engages with just two O-rings.....

The product being supplied, guarantee and disclaimer

A Regulator, no matter what make or model, is nothing more or less than a very simple and basic pressure switch, which opens and closes to keep air pressure at the outlet valve near to a constant pressure down to its set working pressure. If you are unsure what a regulator is or the purpose of its function, there is an in depth article on 'What Is A Regulator' on the manuals page.

Our regulator components are manufactured to the highest quality ISO 9001, ISO 9100 Space, Aerospace & Defense standards using materials such as aircraft grade aluminum, brass-bronze, chrome-moly steel and precision made springs from Swedish steel & belleville washers, our regulators perform with less than 1% fluctuation. Each regulator is checked and tested for leaks and function and set it at a working pressure before dispatch.

We design and manufacture these parts and guarantee them free from defect, quality checked, leak tested and pressure set at time of dispatch, for the purpose for what they are intended 'A Pressure Regulator Valve’.

We take no responsibility whatsoever as to how you use our products. We have no control over the fitting of them and offer no guarantee as to power, accuracy or consistency of your airgun, as these are all down to many externally contributing factors and the skill and time taken by the purchaser or his agent fitting the regulator.

It is very important that you make sure that all purchased parts have been fitted correctly and that the safe working of the equipment has not been compromised in anyway. By purchasing, accepting and using these parts, you and you alone are accepting all responsibility in the operation and safety of the gun or guns that these parts are being installed into, and will hold no other person or persons responsible. We say to you 'Please use caution when using these products or find a qualified airgun-smith or tuner who can do the work for you’.

Before you order, please be aware

Note: The word Regulator is used in reference to this product being a Pressure Regulator and not a Power Regulator or tool for Adjusting Power Higher. A Regulator, no matter what make or model, is nothing more or less than a simple pressure switch, which opens and closes to keep air pressure at the outlet valve near to constant down to its sett working pressure.

The Regulator will only keep an airguns power FT LBS / Joules to the power at which it has already been - tuned to - at a - set working pressure. We can offer a fitting / tuning service within the UK prices start from £149.95 to £224.95 inc Regulator Kit + £ Return Shipping.

tel: +44 (0) 1455 283449


When ordering

You will need to supply us with the information listed below from either the pull down menus within the product listings or by email. We need this information so as to allow us to manufacture, set the working pressure correctly and test your regulator so as to suit your individual airgun project:

  1. Your Airgun's Manufacturer
  2. Your Airgun's Model Name Or Number
  3. Your Airguns Caliber 
  4. Your Desired Power Output in FT LBS / Joules or You Can Request A Pressure Setting in either P.S.I or BAR.

(Please Note: The Regulator is only a Pressure Regulator and not a Power Regulator or tool for Adjusting Power Higher. The Regulator will only keep an airguns power FT LBS / Joules to the power at which it has already been tuned to at a set working pressure.) Alternatively,


All of the Regulator Kit Prices Includes...

FREE World Wide shipping by a ‘Royal Mail’ registered mail / airmail secured service. Sold as a kit the regulator is pre-tuned to the specifications you supply us with in your order prior to shipping. The Regulator is adjustable and a full manual can be found on the Manuals Page.
All of the Other Accessory Kit Prices are + shipping charges by a ‘Royal Mail’ orders over the value of £30.00 are automatically shipped via registered mail / airmail secured service.

Trade Discounts & Volume Order Discounts can be applied for.


Worldwide: Is generally made by PayPal Pro or Credit Card, however we can issue a PayPal Invoice to your PayPal email address or also accept Bank Transfer, Wells Fargo / Bank Of America Cheque or Western Union Money Transfer. PLEASE NOTE: Wells Fargo / Bank Of America Cheque or Western Union Money Transfer will take a few days 4-5 days to process. All payments are to be made in £ Pounds Sterling (GBP). Invoices asked to be paid in other currencies will be charged an extra 6% on the order value to cover conversion fees.

United Kingdom: Is generally made by PayPal or Credit Card, however we are more than happy to process purchases by: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Bank Draft, Cash on collection (By Prior Arrangement) or Postal Order (Postal Orders to be UNCROSSED). Payment is to be made in £ Great British Pounds Sterling.

Speed of processing and delivery

The vast majority or orders are processed and shipped in under 24 hours of payment being cleared upon a working week day Monday to midday Friday. Orders received late on a Friday after 12 noon upon or upon a Saturday / Sunday will be shipped as soon as possible after opening on a Monday.

We ship all goods via by their registered mail / airmail secured service were this is available - For some countries this is Tracked and others Signed for only as this is what is available. You can request the tracking or signed for consignment number if you wish, but in general we do not issues these due to the time taken to enter them all onto the system, and so far in 22 years only 3 international items have never not been delivered or returned to us for reshipping.

Delivery Time:  In United Kingdom is 1st & 2nd Class Tracked Packet and generally 3-4 working days, Europe is Tracked & Signed For - Airmail taking about 5-8 working days (Both Spain & Italy can take longer, due to their internal postal system), World Wide is Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed or Signed depending upon the country and where a secured service is available. Delivery is about 14-22 working days on average, however deliveries to South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Russia can take longer due to their internal postal system

Example: USA Fastest 5-6 Days Slowest 21-25 Days. Delivery time however is only approximate from our previous experience. We do not guaranteed delivery time as it always depends upon your countries postal service / customs checks / Taxes etc.

Accepting your delivery

All orders for regulators are sent Tracked or Signed for upon delivery. So you need to remember to take whatever action is required in your country with regards to post as to collecting / arranging to take delivery of / a tracked / signed package.

Please can you check your package immediately upon receipt.

If your package is visibly damaged or open and so does not contain the items that you have ordered, lodge a complaint with the postal the grounds of damaged / missing items.

If we have accidentally sent you the wrong order by mistake i.e. A Hatsan AT44 instead of a BT65 then please let us know as soon as possible - and let us know the time and date of your original order and we will build you up a second order for you as quickly as we can. We will then ship this to you as soon as you have posted off the original order back to us - Please post back to us using a standard airmail service and marked the package as returned to manufacture. Please simply e-mail us proof of posting, via a scanned or photographed copy of the postage and receipt. We will refund the postage upon return.

Returns policy (From 16th Dec 2020: Please contact us for current address.)

Returns for refund will only be accepted within 14 days (as per UK consumer law) of the tracked postage delivery date and if the product / s have not been installed / used and only in consultation with Lane Regulators UK, via the returns form available on the web-site.  All items being returned should be clearly marked - I am returning this item to the Original UK Manufacture 'Robert Lane Regulators' VAT No: 272 5745 84 under their service warranty.

The customer will return the product back to Lane Regulators UK by following the instructions set out below.

  1. The product / s need to be returned back to us with all delivered accessories, and if reasonably possible in their original state and packaging.
  2. The customer bears the direct costs of safely returning the product /s to us i.e. Postage / packing and associated costs (To & From), refunds for non faulty goods will   be issued at the cost of the product alone. i.e. Regulator Kit £73.95 inc shipping. Shipping cost the South Africa to us £12.45 - Refund to be given £61.50
  3. Credit given in return will be by original method of payment, and then only when the return has been received in a non damaged and re-sell-able/ use-able   condition. Faulty items will be fixed, serviced, or replaced with a new item as per the customer's request.
  4. We (Staff) do not accept / sign for deliveries of items returned where the correct postage has not been applied in full.
  5. We (Staff) do not accept / sign for deliveries of returned items where Customs Duty Fees have been applied as the package is not clearly labeled as a returned item. Items being returned from outside the UK / Great Britain should be VERY CLEARLY MARKED as shown below (Please grab / copy and paste CLEARLY onto your return):

    • Contains products manufactured solely in the UK by Lane Regulators VAT No 272 5745 84
    • Being returned under warranty agreement for repair / refund.

  6. We do not accept that customer damaged or used products are eligible for refund.
  7. Refunds shall be issued no later than within 15 days after receipt of the returned product / s. Refunds given shall be at the price of the product, exclusive the initial  shipping costs made for the delivery of the product i.e. Regulator Kit £73.95 inc shipping. Shipping cost the South Africa to us £12.45 - Refund to be given £61.50

Please contact us, before returning any product / s, so as we can provide you with the proper shipment  instructions.

Personal information and data protection

The sole purpose of the data that you provided to us during registration and the ordering process is  purely for the identification and processing of your order via the Lane Group. We declare that the data will not be disclosed to third parties, or otherwise misused.

By entering into a Purchase Contract, the Customer has hereby agreed to their personal data being used for indefinite time period for the processing of their order. All the data acquired from customers shall be used solely for internal use and shall not be disclosed (Passed on or Sold) to third party persons. The sole exception to this rule to to Carriers / Courier used for order delivery, but the personal data disclosed to the Carriers / Couriers is to be limited to the necessary minimum, needed for proper delivery of the goods i.e Name, Address & In some cases were required Telephone Number.