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Lane Regulators can only be fitted to PCPs that are front-fill or have been modified to enable them to be filled/topped up from the front of the air reservoir (i.e., muzzle end).

Don't forget to check out our Fitting Hints & Tips page, which features articles and video content that will help you install your regulator.


A great place to start is our "Video Guide Series on Installing a Lane Regulator". It features the fundamentals such as:

  1. Measuring internal diameter ready for fitting a regulator
  2. Clean your reservoir / tank before fitting
  3. How to measure your outlet chamber volume
  4. Outlet valve stand offs
  5. Drilling the breath hole
  6. Transfer port size adjustment series (series 1-4)
  7. Inserting the regulator
  8. Removal of the regulator


Regulator Kits

Regulator type stock list

What is a regulator

Regulator manuals

Mk10 Regulator

Mk9 Regulator

Fitting and tuning instructions

MK10 Regulator

Mk9 Regulator


Quick Fills & Gauge Kits

Lane quick fills and gauge kit guides


Anti Bounce Hammers

Lane anti-bounce hammer guides


De-pingers & De-twangers

Lane de-twanger instructions