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Details about our delivery & returns process

Speed of processing & delivery

The vast majority of orders are processed and shipped in under 24 hours of payment being cleared upon a working week day Monday to midday Friday. Orders received late on a Friday after 12 noon or upon a Saturday or Sunday will be shipped as soon as possible after opening on the Monday.

We ship all goods via by their registered mail or airmail secured service were this is available. For some countries this is tracked and others signed for only as this is what's available. You can request the tracking or signed for consignment number if you wish, but in general we do not issue these due to the time taken to enter all of them onto our system. So far in 22 years only 3 international items have never not been delivered or returned to us for reshipping.

Delivery Time:  In United Kingdom, 1st and 2nd class tracked packet generally takes 3-4 working days. Europe is tracked and signed for of which the airmail service takes roughly 5-8 working days (both Spain & Italy can take longer, due to their internal postal system), Worldwide is sent as royal mail international tracked and signed or just signed depending upon the country and where a secured service is available. Delivery is about 14-22 working days on average, however deliveries to South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Russia can take longer due to their internal postal system...

Example: USA Fastest has been as little as 5-6 days and the slowest being 21-25 days. Delivery time however is only approximate from our previous experience. We do not guaranteed delivery time as it always depends upon your countries postal service, customs checks, taxes aswell as seasonal periods such as Christmas etc.

Accepting your delivery

All orders for regulators are sent tracked or signed for upon delivery. So you need to remember to take whatever action is required in your country with regards to receiving post: collecting / arranging to take delivery of / a tracked / signed package.

Please can you check your package immediately upon receipt.

If your package is visibly damaged or open and so does not contain the items that you have ordered, log a complaint with the postal service on the grounds of damaged or missing items.

If we have accidentally sent you the wrong order by mistake i.e. A Hatsan AT44 instead of a BT65 then please let us know as soon as possible - making sure to include the time and date of your original order as we will build you up a second order for you as quickly as we can. We will then ship this to you as soon as you have posted off the original order back to us. Please post the items back to us using the airmail service and mark the package as "returned to manufacture" as shown below whilst not forgetting to email us proof of posting with tracking details via a scanned or photographed copy of the postage receipt.

Please note

  1. We do not accept that customer damaged or used products are eligible for refund.
  2. We (Staff) do not accept / sign for deliveries of items returned where the correct postage has not been applied in full.
  3. We (Staff) do not accept / sign for deliveries of returned items where Customs Duty Fees have been applied as the package is not clearly labeled as a returned item.
  4. Items being returned from outside the UK / Great Britain should be VERY CLEARLY MARKED as shown below (Please grab / copy and paste CLEARLY onto your return):

  • Contains products manufactured solely in the UK by Lane Regulators VAT No 272 5745 84 being returned under warranty agreement for repair / refund.