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I just bought from you a regulator for my Benjamin Disco and just wanted to thank you for a great product and a comprehensive guide on YouTube. It WAS actually a drop in mod. after cleaning without any hassle of any kind. I did not even have to drill a breathe hole in the gun because it is already there when removing the pressure gauge. Of course you already know all these things, but i just wanted to tell how excited i am. I ordered the regulator as a 20 ft/lb - but decided to depower to around 85 bar - getting just under 12 ft/ lb. That makes it for a lot of shots and a VERY consistent velocity. Thanks again and a very happy Christmas to you and your staff. Regards from Palle Kongsdal, Denmark
Let me tell you, this regulator kit is the real deal. I installed it in my Beeman Chief II airgun and what a difference it's made. As a big-time hunter, this regulator has really upped my game. My shots are now way more consistent and accurate, and I'm able to take down varmints with ease. The installation process was easy, and the instructions were crystal clear. As a proud Texan, I appreciate a company that takes care of its customers. If you're looking to take your Beeman Chief II airgun to the next level, these folks are the ones to turn to.
Ola Muito surpreso com os resultados da minha carabina com novo regulador usando a 140bar extremamente potente e precisão maravilhosa, produto de muita qualidade não deixa a desejar em nada, quem quiser adquirir pode comprar na certeza que vai ter resultados surpreendentes! Ao caro Robert parabéns pela sua dedicação em desenvolver um produto de excelente qualidade.
Both my son and I have been shooting airguns for many many years, and I can confidently say that the Lane regulators are the best in the business. The quality and finish of the materials, the attention to detail... are just unrivalled! I've installed these regulators in several of my airguns and I won't shoot without them. Highly recommended!
Tried my fair share of aftermarket parts and accessories. The Lane tuning components are among the best I've ever used to date. The ease of installation and noticeable improvements in accuracy and shot count far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend rob's gear to anyone wishing to improve their airgun setup.
Hi Sir Lane, I installed the regulator yesterday my gun worked perfectly, I got 750fps on average, is perfect, about 23 regulated shots thank you very much, and I have 3 of my friends also wanting to their guns Douglas Ulmer (Argentina)
Never attempted such a modification before and I admit, I was hesitant to install a regulator in my very expensive airgun. However, the easy-to-follow installation guide and friendly customer service, made the process easy enough for a simpleton like myself. The improved shot count and accuracy has taken my air-gunning to the next level :)
As an avid Field Target shooter, I'm always looking for ways to improve my equipment and gain an edge over my competitors. Robert's regulators have been a game-changer for me - they've helped me achieve a level of consistency and accuracy that I am truly grateful for. I've since installed his regulators in several of my airguns, including my Daystate Air Ranger and Brocock Bantam, the results didn't disappoint.
I recently purchased a regulator from Robert and I couldn't be happier with the results. My airgun is now more consistent and with a much larger shot count than before. The installation was straightforward as his YouTube videos provided excellent advice throughout the install process. I would highly recommend his regulators to any airgun enthusiast looking to improve the performance of their air rifle.
I recently purchased a regulator kit to install in my Diana Bandit Pistol, and I am so glad I did! The difference in performance is like night and day. The regulator has greatly improved the consistency of my shots and has helped me to achieve better accuracy. The installation went fine as the instructions were very clear and helpful. I also appreciated the free delivery. All in all, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend.
I started Benchrest shooting and quickly realized the importance of having a highly accurate and consistent airgun. I turned to Robert Lane as he's so well-known in the airgun community. I got one of his regulators for my FX Impact and was blown away by the difference it made. My shots are now incredibly consistent and I've been able to achieve some impressive groupings when shooting slugs out at long range.
After struggling for months, I decided to buy a regulator from Robert Lane. I was sceptical at first, but after fitting and tuning, I started to see the difference it made. My shots are now within a few fps over the chrono and I've been able to improve my accuracy which is what I wanted most. I can't thank Robert enough for his product and support.
I've been using Robert Lane's regulators for several years now and I wouldn't trust any other brand. His products are incredibly well-designed and perform flawlessly. I've recommended his regulators to all my shooting friends and they've all been extremely impressed with the results too. Robert's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched in this industry.
I've competed on HFT circuits for years and can say without a doubt that Robert Lane's regulators are the best on the market. I've installed them into my Air Arms S510 and HW100, the improvement in shot consistency and accuracy has been a blessing. His regs have helped me achieve some of my best scores yet. Simply, I wouldn't bother with any other aftermarket regulator.
I was looking for a way to regulate my custom airgun build which I had made to suit my unique needs and preferences, I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Robert and his team went above and beyond to help design and manufacture a regulator that not only fit perfectly but exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for your outstanding work!
I've been a long-time fan of Robert Lane's airgun designs, and his regulators are no exception. I installed one of his regulators in my airgun, and the difference in accuracy and shot-to-shot variation was immediately noticeable. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!
So I bit the bullet and bought an external regulator for my Air Arms S200, the included instructions made it a breeze to fit. The installation process was quick and easy, and the results were outstanding. I'm so glad I made the decision to get a Lane reg. It's made all the difference out and about on the farm.