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Lane de-pingers & de-twangers

De-pinger / De-twanger
Some airguns can make a horrid ding, ping or twang after being discharged. This audible noise is caused by a resonance in the air reservoir being transferred into the stock which then acts like a sounding board (tuning fork).Robert started making these de-pinger / de-twanger / resonators 20+ years a..
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Robert Lane 17 Apr 0 771
Ladies and gentleman, maybe a spring doesn't look sexy, slim and sleek like the French sounding "Belleville" but the "spring" is the number one solution. We have always manufactured regulators with both Belleville spring washers and coil compression springs because both have their place in regulator manufacturing and both are best practice for different applications and specification of regulator.We use Belleville washers for both "small regulators" and "very high pressure regulators", when neither size and or pressure is the first design consideration, then the best practice is a "coil compression spring".For most small scale manufactures, the cost of ..
Robert Lane 15 Sep 0 23794
In reference to airguns, a regulator is used in the context of regulating air pressure within the outlet valve / firing valve chamber so as to stabilise muzzle energy and shot to shot consistency. The term airgun or air rifle regulator is therefore not a reference to a product that is used to raise / increase or boost an airgun / air rifle's muzzle energy, the regulator will only keep an airgun's muzzle energy (ft lbs / joules) to the power at which the firearm has already been tuned to at a set working pressure.A mythical legend rumoured amongst nearly all airgun shooters, is that a perfect regulator will make every single shot you fire 100% identical and t..
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