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Robert Lane 17 Apr 0 310
Ladies and gentleman, maybe a spring doesn't look sexy, slim and sleek like the French sounding "Belleville" but the "spring" is the number one solution. We have always manufactured regulators with both Belleville spring washers and coil compression springs because both have their place in regulator manufacturing and both are best practice for different applications and specification of regulator. We use Belleville washers for both "small regulators" and "very high pressure regulators", when neither size and or pressure is the first design consideration, then the best practice is a "coil compression spring". For most small scale manufactures, the cost of ..
Robert Lane 13 Apr 0 147
Robert Lane 13 Apr 0 240
I have been increasingly finding that folks seem to think you HAVE to drill a breathe hole, that is correct on about 15-20% of airgun models available these days. In most cases, simple installation can be made by removing the reservoir end seal (so as to let the regulator breathe). Some makes, models and powers of airgun must have a breathe hole as it is not always possible to design or manufacture a regulator without the need to have a hole drilled (this goes for any type of regulator brand or model). Any regulator kits we sell for airguns that DO require a breathe hole to be drilled, come with additional package contents such as drill bits to help aid you ..
Robert Lane 13 Apr 0 200
Part 1 of 4,  Part 2 of 4,  Part 3 of 4,  Part 4 of 4. ..
Robert Lane 13 Apr 0 197
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Robert Lane 15 Sep 0 21358
In reference to airguns, a regulator is used in the context of regulating air pressure within the outlet valve / firing valve chamber so as to stabilise muzzle energy and shot to shot consistency. The term airgun or air rifle regulator is therefore not a reference to a product that is used to raise / increase or boost an airgun / air rifle's muzzle energy, the regulator will only keep an airgun's muzzle energy (ft lbs / joules) to the power at which the firearm has already been tuned to at a set working pressure.A mythical legend rumoured amongst nearly all airgun shooters, is that a perfect regulator will make every single shot you fire 100% identical and t..
Robert Lane 17 Apr 0 64
Some customers have contacted us regarding payment methods upon our website. The misconception is that:You need to have an account with PayPal in order to make a purchaseYou can't pay with credit of debit cards using PayPalboth of these statements are incorrect.To help clear up these misunderstandings, we would like to remind customers that we use PayPal for the following reasons:You don't need to register with PayPal in order to make a purchaseYou can pay with all major Credit / Debit Cards with PayPalTransactions are completely secure and safe using SSL (secure sockets layer technology)Payments are insured for both the customer and the sellerFor customers ..
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