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Air Arms HFT 500 Regulator Kit

Air Arms HFT 500 Regulator Kit
Air Arms HFT 500 Regulator Kit
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Air Arms HFT 500 Regulator Kit
Air Arms HFT 500 Regulator Kit

The New 'Lancet' Regulator by Robert Lane

  • Designed & made in the UK with CNC precision

Exclusive & specialised coil compression spring

  • Exclusive & specialised coil compression spring

Flexible pressure range (20-150 bar, 290-2175 psi)

  • Flexible pressure range (20-150 bar, 290-2175 psi)

Perfect for single, semi & fully-automatic airguns

  • Perfect for single, semi & fully-automatic airguns

Compatible with all airgun calibres & barrel sizes

  • Compatible with all airgun calibres & barrel sizes

Durable & easily maintainable by the customer

  • Durable & easily maintainable by the customer

This airgun requires a breathe hole

  • This airgun model requires a breathe hole

After-sales support with airgun expert Robert Lane

  • After-sales support with airgun expert Robert Lane

Free shipping on your entire order with this item

  • Free shipping on your entire order with this item

Comprehensive documentation on tuning & more

  • Comprehensive documentation on tuning & more...
Air Arms HFT 500 Regulator Kit
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Model: Lancet Mk9

  • Availability: In Stock

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Key Features of Our Product

Robert Lane, a seasoned airgun designer and engineer with experience at top UK airgun manufacturers like BSA and Brocock, has developed a remarkable new product. The latest addition to his decades-long series of air regulators, this product showcases his expertise and dedication to excellence. Elevate your shooting experience with our new "Lancet" regulator, the perfect choice for those who are serious about improving their airgun's performance.


Who is Buying Our Regulators?

Over the years we have gained a strong following among competitive target shooters, serious airgun game hunters and enthusiasts who demand the very best in precision and accuracy. They are especially popular among those who compete in field target and hunter field target competitions, where every shot must be flawlessly precise.

However, you don't have to be a world-class champion to experience the benefits of a regulated airgun. Our customers come from all walks of life, from those who enjoy target practice and pest control to those who simply shoot for the fun of it. Whatever your reason, our regulators can help you achieve the utmost in accuracy, ensuring that every shot is as precise as the last.


Highly Adjustable & Easy to Service

Our regulators have an exceptional range of adjustability, it's one of the standout features that make it perfect for both high-power (FAC) and low-power (sub 12 ft lb) airguns. With our regulator, you have full control over your air rifle's performance, allowing you to fine-tune your setup to suit your specific needs or shooting application.

What sets this regulator apart is the clever features that Robert has incorporated for improving on customer serviceability. Now, you no longer need to hire a gunsmith for installation or servicing procedures, and specialised tools are no longer required for maintenance. This means you'll save time, hassle, and money, a feature which is often overlooked by those searching for an aftermarket regulator. Essentially, our regulator is the smart choice for customers that value both performance and convenience.


After Installing & Tuning, Customers Can Expect

  1. Increased shot-to-shot consistency: A regulator can help to stabilise the pressure of air that's used to propel the pellet down the barrel, resulting in greater consistency. This in turn, leads to tighter shot groupings and better accuracy.
  2. Improved efficiency: Regulating the air pressure with a regulator can lead to better efficiency by optimising the amount of air used for each shot. This increased efficiency can result in a greater number of shots per fill (which can be a vast improvement for sub 18 ft lb / 24 joule airguns, depending on the capacity of the airgun's cylinder volume).
  3. Elimination of the power curve: Which is the increase and decline in velocity as the air pressure drops in unregulated airguns. Our regulator ensures consistent speed and accuracy of each shot, regardless of the pressure level within the airgun's air cylinder / reservoir.
  4. Maximised air cylinder volume: Being our smallest regulator to date, it reduces wasted space and allows for more shots per fill. This translates into more efficient use of your air supply and longer shooting sessions without needing to refill.
  5. Quieter shooting experience: (As a result of less air being released per shot). This is particularly useful for those shooting in residential areas where noise levels need to be considered, and for hunters who want to avoid spooking game with loud muzzle blasts.
  6. Confidence when competing: By regulating the air pressure, you can ensure that your shots are consistent and accurate, allowing you to focus on your technique and aim rather than worrying about the performance of your equipment.


Quality Control & Guarantee

With British engineering, CNC precision and the highest-quality of materials, each regulator is inspected and tested before dispatch, so we can guarantee flawless performance and operation. When you shop with us, you're not just making a purchase - you're investing in our vast knowledge and experience gained over the years. With the extensive documentation and after-sales assistance provided by Mr Lane and his team, you can rest assure - any questions you may have regarding installation, tuning, or anything else for that matter will be answered in full.

Join Robert Lane as he delves into the world of airgun regulators – what they are, how they work and why they're essential for your shooting success. Our range of precision regulator kits cover most popular airgun brands and models, we also supply regulators for custom airgun builds so if you're unsure about availability, call us or send us an email. To view our selection, head over to our precision regulator kits page.



For a further explanation on airgun regulators, view our blog post: Demystifying Airgun Regulators: Separating Fact from Fiction

Despite the Lane regulator being revered for its high quality and mechanical performance, the aspects taken into consideration during its design wasn't just for functionality but longevity and customer serviceability. The parts that make our regulator are of a size and shape that a customer can service without specialist tools. This doesn't seem to be the case with other airgun regulator manufacturers, so we often find this feature goes overlooked by the customer until the time comes for servicing, maintenance or repairs.

Depending on your power output, air reservoir volume and / or other airgun characteristics, users can expect all or at least a combination of the following benefits after installing a Lane regulator:

  1. Enhance your airgun's accuracy by eliminating the power curve (bell curve) as the air pressure in the reservoir falls
  2. Improve shot consistency over the full working pressure range of the airgun's air reservoir capacity
  3. Reduce noise or "bark" at the muzzle as a result of better, more efficient air usage
  4. More fun spent shooting and less time refilling your airgun
  5. Boosted confidence when competing or hunting
  6. Faster and more consistent air regulation (thanks to our specialist high rate coil compression spring)
  7. Fully adjustable and serviceable by the customer
  8. Considerably longer service life than other regulators on the market 

If you're still left wondering "why are Lane regulators the number one choice to go for" we advise you to read our dedicated blog post on the differences between Coil Compression Springs and Belleville Washer Stacks.

YES, all of our regulators are adjustable for pressure by the customer "via the brass PAS (pressure adjuster screw) which is featured at the tail end of the regulator".

  1. Every regulator is pre-tested for leaks, reset speed and pressure adjustment prior to shipping. This is because the vast majority of sales are outside of the United Kingdom.
  2. Each regulator is pre-set to what the customer has requested, this is either via the order form (filled out prior to adding your item to cart) or via the comments box at the last stage of checking out (when you come to pay for your order). If for an undetermined project, the regulator will be set to a nominal 130bar "which is the most common pressure both requested and used worldwide". The output pressure will be marked upon the packaging header / specification paper which is included with your order. Customers are reminded that you yourself can adjust the regulator settings according to your wishes. To do this, please see the adjustment guide on the manuals and documentation page.

Our regulators are compatible with single, semi, and fully-automatic airguns of all calibres, including .177, .20, .22, .25, .30, all the way up to .50.

For this particular model of airgun YES you DO need to drill a breathe hole.

In most cases (80-85% of airguns) simple installation can be made by removing the reservoir end seal (so as to let the regulator breathe). Some makes, models and powers of airgun must have a breathe hole as it is not always possible to design or manufacture a regulator without the need to have a hole drilled (this goes for any type of regulator brand or model).

Any regulator kits we sell for airguns that do require a breathe hole to be drilled, come with additional package contents such as drill bits to help aid you in installation. As long as you follow the product manual, drilling a breathe hole is a simple task to undertake. For those still struggling, we provide friendly customer support over the phone or by email.

For customers who are still curious about the process of drilling a breathe hole, we have a detailed, instructional video presented by Robert Lane which you can view here on our blog post "drilling the breathe hole".

Lane airgun regulator components are CNC manufactured from high quality aluminium and brass to BS9000 / BS9001 standards. This guarantees a perfect product every time. Each regulator is then hand assembled, checked, adjusted and tested to either the advertised or requested output pressure.

Dependent upon the details supplied by yourself during the ordering process (make, model, calibre and power of airgun) each regulator is sold as a DIY (install it yourself) kit and as a minimum will contain a regulator, spare seals kit and silicone grease. For other regulator kits, may / could contain all of the below:

  1. Regulator
  2. Spare o-ring seals kit for the regulator
  3. Silicone lubricant
  4. Standoff spacer
  5. Link to website instruction manuals
    ---and if required for your project---
  6. Drill bit or bits
  7. Outlet valve springs or packers

Customers can reference our Manuals page for details on how to install our products.

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