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Victory PP880 Regulator Kit

Victory PP880 Regulator Kit
Victory PP880 Regulator Kit
Victory PP880 Regulator Kit
Victory PP880 Regulator Kit
Victory PP880 Regulator Kit
Victory PP880 Regulator Kit

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Victory PP880 Regulator Kit
  • Availability: Low Stock
  • Designed for: Victory
  • Model: Lancet Mk9

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Product Features

This latest product is a testament to Robert Lane’s ongoing commitment to serving the global air-gunning community. The “Lancet" series of air regulator, sets the standard for after-market regulators designed for pre-charged pneumatic airguns. If you're looking for the utmost in performance and want to join the ranks of serious airgun enthusiasts, let us help in taking your shooting experience to the next level.


Understanding the Demand for Our Regulators

Over the years we have gained a strong following among both competitive target shooters and serious airgun game hunters who demand the very best in performance and accuracy. They are especially popular among those who compete in FT (field target) and HFT (hunter field target) competitions, where every shot must be flawlessly precise. However, you don't have to be a world-class champion to experience the benefits of getting regulated.

Generally, our customers come from all walks of life, avid target shooters and pest controllers to hobbyists seeking recreational enjoyment. Installing our regulator, along with a little fine-tuning, will help your airgun achieve a balance of internal, mechanical workings. It is this combination that ensures every shot is as precise as the last.


Unleashing Your Airgun's Full Potential

Our regulators have an exceptional range of adjustability, it's one of the standout features that makes it perfect for single, semi and fully automatic airguns, whether they are high or low power (FAC or sub 12 ft-lb). With our regulator installed, you'll have full control over your air rifle's performance, allowing you to fine-tune your setup to suit a specific need or shooting application.

The "Lancet" airgun regulator is designed for customers who value both performance and convenience. Its unique features, include easy installation and maintenance without the need for a gunsmith or specialised tools, making it the smart choice for those who want to save time, hassle, and money.


Experience the Benefits of Getting Regulated

  • Enhanced accuracy at greater range
    Our regulators stabilise the air used to propel the pellet or slug down the barrel, improving consistency and accuracy for tighter shot groupings at longer ranges.
  • Improved repeatability and faster cycle time
    Our high rate coil compression springs are superior to Belleville washers, allowing for faster air regulation and improved cycle time, ensuring better repeatability. As a result, our regulators are suitable for single, semi, and fully automatic airguns.
  • Flexible pressure range of 20-150 Bar (290-2175 PSI)
    Our regulator offers the widest range of adjustment compared to other regulators on the market. It's also fully adjustable by the customer, using the pressure adjuster screw located at the tail end of the regulator's body case.
  • Far greater shot count
    By optimising the amount of air used for each shot, users can expect a greater number of shots per fill, especially for sub 18 ft-lb/24 joule airguns.
  • Elimination of the dreaded power curve
    Installing our regulator means your airgun can maintain a consistent projectile speed throughout a greater portion of its air cylinder or bottle's capacity, which is not possible with unregulated airguns.
  • Less impact on air chamber volume
    Our smallest regulator to date minimises wasted space within the air chamber, enabling even more shots and longer shooting sessions without the need to refill your air reservoir.
  • Quieter shooting experience
    Our regulators provide a quieter shooting experience, which is particularly beneficial for those who shoot in residential areas or for hunters wanting to reduce noise produced by their airgun's muzzle.
  • Confidence when competing
    Our regulators allow you to focus on your technique and aim, without worrying about the performance of your equipment.
  • Rigorous testing
    We work alongside professional target shooters to maximise the durability and reliability of our regulators. This means our products last longer, saving you time and money in the long run.


Upgrade Your Airgun with Ease: No Drilling or Breathe Hole Required!

For this specific airgun model, you do not need to drill a breathe hole. In fact, for about 80-85% of airguns, all you need to do is remove the reservoir end seal to allow the regulator to breathe, making for a simple installation. However, for certain makes and models of airgun, a breathing hole may be necessary since it's not always possible to design or manufacture a regulator without one.


Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: Our Commitment to Quality Control

British engineering, CNC precision, and only the highest-quality materials are used to produce our regulators. Each one is meticulously inspected and tested before it's dispatched, ensuring flawless performance and operation. When you shop with us, you're not simply making a purchase; you're investing in our extensive knowledge and experience, which we've acquired over the years.


Unbeatable Peace of Mind: Our 2-Year Regulator Warranty

Discover peace of mind with our exceptional 2-year warranty on all regulators! We stand behind the quality of our products and are confident that they will perform flawlessly for years to come. Our warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship, ensuring that you can use your equipment without any worries.

Please note that shipping costs and parts subject to normal wear and tear are excluded from the warranty. However, we offer affordable replacement parts to ensure that your regulator remains in top condition. Choose our regulators with confidence and experience the ultimate in performance, reliability and durability!


What You'll Receive

Each regulator is sold as a DIY (install it yourself) kit and as a minimum will contain a regulator, spare seals kit and silicone grease.

  • Regulator
  • Spare o-ring seals kit for the regulator
  • Silicone lubricant
  • Standoff spacer
  • Link to website instruction manuals
    ---and if applicable to your specific airgun model---
  • Drill bit or bits
  • Outlet valve springs or packers

Helpful Resources


Join Robert Lane as he delves into the world of airgun regulators. What they are, how they work and why they're essential for your shooting success. Our range of precision regulator kits cover most popular airgun brands and models, we also supply regulators for custom airgun builds so if you're unsure about availability, call or send us an email. To view our selection, head over to our precision regulator kits page.



For a further explanation on airgun regulators, view our blog post: Airgun Regulators: A deep dive into what, how and why you should consider installing one!

Some airgun models may come with a regulator already fitted. In this instance, customers will be required to remove this regulator before fitting our precision regulator. Details on the methodology for removing a pre existing regulator can be found in our blog post "Complete Video Guide: Installing a Lane Regulator - Step-by-Step Instructions", please scroll down to find section 8. Removal of the Regulator.

Customers can reference our Manuals page for details on how to install our products.

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  • Worldwide: Delivery is sent as tracked and signed or just signed, depending on availability. Delivery time averages 14-22 working days


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