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Webley En4cer Bottle Regulator Kit

Webley En4cer Bottle Regulator Kit
Webley En4cer Bottle Regulator Kit
Webley En4cer Bottle Regulator Kit
Webley En4cer Bottle Regulator Kit
Webley En4cer Bottle Regulator Kit
Webley En4cer Bottle Regulator Kit

The worlds top performing airgun regulator

  • British engineering / CNC manufactured

High rate coil compression spring

  • High rate coil compression spring

Adjustable for pressure setting mk11

  • Adjustable pressure (20 - 180 bar / 290 - 2610 psi)

Suitable for all airgun calibres

  • Suitable for all airgun calibres

Long lasting & serviceable by the customer

  • Long lasting & serviceable by the customer

This airgun does not require a breathe hole

  • This airgun model does not require a breathe hole

After-sales support with Robert Lane

  • After-sales support with Robert Lane

FREE worldwide shipping with all regulator kits

  • FREE worldwide shipping with all regulator kits

Comprehensive documentation on tuning & more

  • Comprehensive documentation on tuning & more
Webley En4cer Bottle Regulator Kit
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  • Model: MK11

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Manufactured by Lane Regulators in the UK, specially designed for air rifles with a buddy bottle / air bottle style reservoir tank (with M18x1.5mm threads in the Bottle Neck).

This externally mounted and fully adjustable regulator assembly screws in-between the buddy bottle (air bottle reservoir) and your rifles action.

Equipped with an 8mm fosters quick-fill nipple and mini pressure gauge that will indicate the pressure that the bottle is charged to - allowing you to see how much air pressure is left in your bottle. The positioning of the 8mm fosters quick-fill nipple and the pressure gauge can be adjusted, so no-matter what make or model of air rifle you have or whether you are left or right handed, you should be able to find a filler and gauge mounting position that perfectly suits your needs!

Once the regulator is installed, you can read the regulated output pressure on your airgun's action pressure gauge as well as the fill pressure which is shown on the regulator gauge itself. Note: Once installed your original fill connection is replaced by the 8mm fosters quick-fill nipple. DO NOT use the original rifle bottle fill connection anymore.

The regulator reduces and stabilises the pressure from the buddy bottle to the outlet valve (poppet valve) according to your settings, this will result in a more constant pellet speed at the muzzle and so better the results and pellet groups upon the target down range.

The regulators output pressure can be set by turning the set-screw found inside the male threaded part of the regulator - a 1/12th turn counter clockwise equals about 6-7 bar pressure increase.

For a further explanation on airgun regulators, view our blog post: What is, and why fit a regulator?

Despite the Lane regulator being revered for its high quality and mechanical performance, the aspects taken into consideration during its design wasn't just for functionality but longevity and customer serviceability. The parts that make our regulator are of a size and shape that a customer can service without specialist tools. This doesn't seem to be the case with other airgun regulator manufacturers, so we often find this feature goes overlooked by the customer until the time comes for servicing, maintenance or repairs.

Depending on your power output, air reservoir volume and / or other airgun characteristics, users can expect all or at least a combination of the following benefits after installing a Lane regulator:

  1. Enhance your airgun's accuracy by eliminating the power curve (bell curve) as the air pressure in the reservoir falls
  2. Improve shot consistency over the full working pressure range of the airgun's air reservoir capacity
  3. Reduce noise or "bark" at the muzzle as a result of better, more efficient air usage
  4. More fun spent shooting and less time refilling your airgun
  5. Boosted confidence when competing or hunting
  6. Faster and more consistent air regulation (thanks to our specialist high rate coil compression spring)
  7. Fully adjustable and serviceable by the customer
  8. Considerably longer service life than other regulators on the market 

If you're still left wondering "why are Lane regulators the number one choice to go for" we advise you to read our dedicated blog post on the differences between Coil Compression Springs and Belleville Washer Stacks.

YES, all of our regulators are adjustable for pressure by the customer "via the brass PAS (pressure adjuster screw) which is featured at the tail end of the regulator".

  1. Every regulator is pre-tested for leaks, reset speed and pressure adjustment prior to shipping. This is because the vast majority of sales are outside of the United Kingdom.
  2. Each regulator is pre-set to what the customer has requested, this is either via the order form (filled out prior to adding your item to cart) or via the comments box at the last stage of checking out (when you come to pay for your order). If for an undetermined project, the regulator will be set to a nominal 130bar "which is the most common pressure both requested and used worldwide". The output pressure will be marked upon the packaging header / specification paper which is included with your order. Customers are reminded that you yourself can adjust the regulator settings according to your wishes. To do this, please see the adjustment guide on the manuals and documentation page.
It can be used in all calibres from .177 all the way up to .50

For this particular model of airgun NO you do NOT need to drill a breathe hole.

In most cases (80-85% of airguns) simple installation can be made by removing the reservoir end seal (so as to let the regulator breathe). Some makes, models and powers of airgun must have a breathe hole as it is not always possible to design or manufacture a regulator without the need to have a hole drilled (this goes for any type of regulator brand or model).

For customers who are still curious about the process of drilling a breathe hole, we have a detailed, instructional video presented by Robert Lane which you can view here on our blog post "drilling the breathe hole".

Lane airgun regulator components are CNC manufactured from high quality aluminium and brass to BS9000 / BS9001 standards. This guarantees a perfect product every time. Each regulator is then hand assembled, checked, adjusted and tested to either the advertised or requested output pressure.
  1. Mk10 external buddy bottle regulator and medium stand off
  2. Dust cover - fosters quick-fill nipple
  3. A complete spare o-ring seals kit
  4. Sachet of silicone o-ring grease
  5. Mini regulator instructions (Fully in-depth manual can be down loaded online)

Customers can reference our Manuals page for details on how to install our products.

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